Digital Resources and Netiquette

The following prezi are a representation of my findings on digital resources and netiquette:

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Netiquette, being a good digital citizen

Reputable digital resources

Digital Access


Pinterest Board.

I created a pinterest board with all things Spanish world to include culture, food, slang, interesting facts, dances, information on each country and so much more. I will definitely use this in my classroom as part of research in which students can pin their research findings with information on each pin in the target language which is Spanish. Also I can use it for me to pin information that they can use to review later at home or when we go to the computer lab. I really enjoyed this project because it was very easy to use and I was able to learn a bit more of the resources that are available for me to use as a teacher and for my students to enjoy.

Pinterest Board by Sra. Del Hoyo


Animoto lets you create short 30 second movies to use as attention getters for your course or simply to feature different topics or different subjects for your class. It was easy to create and the program is very user friendly. As you are creating the video, you can preview it and make changes as needed. I really liked it and I will definitely use this in my classroom as well as my students.

Here is a link to my video:

Animoto Video by Sra. del Hoyo

Self-Reflection on Teaching Abilities

As a teacher, I reflect each day the old fashioned way in a written journal and 3 subject notebook. However since starting this TOOL course, I have maintained a WordPress journal, which you can view right here. 

As a South Carolina teacher, they have the teacher evaluation system call ADEPT, the link below shows my result: