Digital Health.

  • What is the most proactive means of ensuring the most balanced blend of technology and well-being?         To ensure the balance between technology and your well being the main facts is to create a balance between technology usage and the your everyday life that does not involve technology for example, create a calendar and plan activities that do not involve technology, find extracurricular activities outside and away from technology, keep a log of hours, have set times for computer usage, strengthened your support network, exercise your body.
  • What can students and teachers do to make sure they get the most from technology while simultaneously safeguarding good health?    Educators can maintain a calendar of computer usage for the whole class or individually, model the behavior themselves to the students such as unplugged day in which everyone unplugs including the teacher, finding alternative activities that does not involve technology at all, set goals and rewards, set clear rules and regulations for internet usage, set a routine and hold everyone accountable for their own actions with clear consequences.



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