Digital Rights and Responsibilities.

Digital rights and responsibilities are very important in the digital world. Each individual in the digital world have to follow these rights and responsibilities to be able to function well. 

Digital citizens have the right to freedom of expression by making sure that it is done in a mannerly way without becoming rude or confrontational.

Digital citizens have the right to privacy and keeping any information they wish private.

They also have the right receive credit for original work as long as it is not plagiarize or copied and pasted from other sites that have not been properly cited.

Digital citizens have the right to access the digital world without prohibitions.

Digital citizens have the right to their own identity. 

As digital citizens we also have to abide by certain responsibilities such as the responsibility to report bullying, harassment, inappropriate texting and identity theft. When other work is used, that work needs to be cited properly that was used for research and resources. Music, videos and other material need to be downloaded legally not illegally which is a big issue in today’s society. As educators we have the responsibility to model and teach the students the proper use of technology and the expectations for such technology. It is our responsibility to keep data and other information safe from people with malicious intents.  Digital citizens have the responsibility to not falsify identities including their own in any way. 


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