LMS Reporting

In a learning management system, there are several levels that need to be considered as part of a course or module. Those levels are:

  • Student Level – the students can access the course information such as syllabus. They also have access to quizzes and tests which can be timed or not controlled by the teacher. They also have the capability to try it multiple times. At the student level they also have access to the calendar to keep track of due dates and posts. Students can also post discussion topics at the teacher’s discretion and are able to respond. In addition to this, they are able to join a conference, share ideas in the conferences and even ask questions privately to the teacher during the conference. Students may also post their work and delete it.
  • Teacher Level – the teacher has control of the information posted for each course they are conducting online. The teacher is able to evaluate each course and create material suitable for the students. At this level the teacher can also access each student’s information to evaluate progress and to modify the course for that student if needed by creating differentiation and the proper evaluation. The teacher can also self evaluate the effectiveness of the course and if any changes of modifications need to be made for better understanding and delivery of the material.
  • Course Level – this level is for the modification or improvement of the course in which the information is accessed and evaluated to identify any weaknesses or strengths. With the assistance of the course developer the course can be improved.
  • Program Level – this level could be either helpful or not. This level evaluates the effectiveness of a course however it does not allow for the teacher to either make improvements because of small flaws in the system that can easily be corrected or simply deleted and do a start over. At this level, the information reported might almost be considered a bit biased.


One thought on “LMS Reporting

  1. Beth Moore Williams says:

    I included the Administrator as a level in reporting. They probably made the decision to buy the LMS therefore they have a vested interest. The Administrator can view the teacher effectiveness and the effectiveness of the LMS program.

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