Tools for deciding on a LMS.

When deciding to bring new technology to a school certain factors need to be considered before any purchases are made or any changes at all are made. Most schools districts are opting for open source LMS rather than commercial ones because funding such programs is always an issue.

Factors that need to be considered before a decision is made are:

  1. Needs analysis- survey numbers, how great is the need, the goals of the new system need to be outlined and detailed, how is the system going to be used.
  2.  Requirements gathering process- everyone that will be involved in the obtaining of the new system need to come together and set requirements for the system such as usage, productivity, quality, quantity and more. Also a goals list needs to be created and deadlines to meet each goal.
  3. Vendor Identification- research of the different systems available needs to be made before a proposal is presented. In the proposal, prices, reviews, examples, features, and overviews for each vendor needs to be outlined in detailed. Also names of contacts need to be included when presenting information for each vendor researched.
  4. Request for information- informational sheets, pamphlets, conferences with the vendors in which they can showcase their products.
  5. Request for proposal- once potential vendors have been identified, proposals from them need to be requested with prices, features that will be included and excluded, if there will technical support, training for all of the stakeholders, and all other pertinent information in regards to the system.

In my research, according to Capterra, for 1000+ users the top 10 LMS are:

  1. Learn Upon
  2. Digital Chalk
  3. Litmos
  4. Inquisiq R3
  5. TOPIX
  6. Administrate
  7. Absorb
  8. Greenlight
  9. Cogentys
  10. Docebo

Top 8 LMS, installed for 1000+ users for education are:

  1. Inquisiq R3
  3. Joomla
  4. Learner web
  5. Learning ecosystem
  6. Learning server
  7. TheLMSapp
  8. Virtual learning platform

The LMS Learn Upon was always on top. I decided to research it and see how their platform is. I went to their website and browsed their features. It seemed easy and userfriendly however you only receive a 30 day free trial at which time you would have purchased their product to continue using it or find another LMS more suited for your needs. At first glance however of their platform, it looks simple, easy to use and with easy to read tabs for organization and creation of your course.


This is how their platform looks like from the courses tab. These are some of the features you can do on this page:

Import your Course Content in Seconds
Word, PowerPoint and PDF Documents
Prezi, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and Brainshark
Rich Text Editing and Images
SCORM (Articulate, Captivate, iSpringPro, Claro, etc.)
Assignments and Tutor Feedback
As a teacher I would definitely choose Learn Upon because of the ease of usage and I can access the website from anywhere there is internet access.

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