Tools within the LMS.

My chosen website is Canvas because it has many tools that are easy to use and the template itself and platform is very user friendly. Some of the tools it has the announcements section in which I can communicate with the students as well as parents. Another section that it has which I find very useful is the discussion section where collaboration can occur, comments can be made and it’s under my control because I can close discussions when deemed necessary. The grade book is also very easy to use. A grade book can be downloaded if you already have one that you have been using or use the one that Canvas provides which is easy to use as well. Another very useful tool in Canvas is the conference button provided by Big Blue Button. In the conference you can conduct a class by showing your desktop or to a specific region. As a presenter, you can also conduct webinars and meetings. In the conference you can chat as a group or you may choose a viewer to chat with.

Overall Canvas is the easiest to use for the students, teachers and the parents. It has an easy format, it’s well organized and it’s easy to navigate. 


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