Definition of communication.

Communication is the exchange of information using words, sounds, signs via email, text, letter, notes to share ideas, thoughts or feelings etc… however I prefer communication done via email. I am a teacher of 5 years and I get nervous every time I have to meet with a parent because I have to be witty and on my toes with words, thoughts and ideas and everything that needs to be said, needs to be said at that moment. There is no down time to think like when you are exchanging an email or text or writing a letter. I still have a hard time when conferencing with parents because in my experience after 15 minutes in a conference with a parent for example the information becomes recycled and repetitive. In an email, everything that will be exchanged will be exchanged without missing a word. In a virtual classroom I think communication is vital but I also think that its more relaxed for the students because they can communicate with the teacher more confidently than in the classroom where they might be ridicule by their peers or they might not even ask the question therefore not clearing their confusion in a subject or continuing to have doubts. 


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