Laws of communication

FERPA was created to protect privacy and to set forth certain guidelines in case any rule is violated. As a teacher of a traditional classroom, I usually email parents when I am experiencing issues with the students or when adequate progress is not been maintained by the student, but it’s usually to request a conference. I include my contact information at the school only, I don’t disclose cell phone numbers or house numbers and I never have parent conferences outside of the school even in dire situations. 

To prevent violations of any kind, I email parents asking them to call me or contact concerning progress or I simply make a phone call to request a conference or to have the conference during that phone call. 

As far as student personal information, I never disclose that at all to anybody and when verification is needed, I usually let the parent or guardian do it. 

In regards to Copyright, it is a big issue, to prevent infringement, you should make yourself aware of the copyright laws, if you see it in the internet leave it there because most likely it’s already copyrighted, familiarize yourself with terms such trademarks, intellectual property and such because they are too protected by law, be creative with your work, learn about the jurisdiction of public domains in your area, learn about fair use and be aware when writing based on other work. 


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