Communication Guidelines

Communication is vital to establish a good rapport with the students and parents and to have a good working parent teacher working relationship. 

1. Welcome email- always send the parents a welcome email introducing yourself. In that email you should include contact information such as email and phone number and office hours if applicable. Also this email can be modified to accommodate your stakeholders.

2. Mass emails- send mass emails to remind students of upcoming due dates for projects, tests and quizzes. Mass emails can also be a great way to keep up with news and happenings for your class and to keep all stakeholders in the loop about everything that is going on.

3. Personal communication- a periodic phone call home is always a good idea to maintain rapport with the parents just in case you have to call parents with bad news about their student’s progress in the class. The communication with the parents is a lot easier with the parents than if you were to wait and just call with bad news instead.

4. Communication Log- maintain a log in which every call or email is documented and whether contact was made or not.

5. School Policies- follow all rules set forth by GAVS to contact parents and students and make sure that you follow email guidelines set forth by GAVS and your administrator.

All communication should be kept professional even the other party does not.  


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