Differentiation in communication

Students have different learning styles therefore it is up to the teachers to deliver information in different ways so all styles can understand the material been delivered. A lot of resources are available online, my favorite one is http://www.prezi.com, this website can help you create presentations just as you would in powerpoint except prezi is more interactive, creative and appealing to the younger audience. In prezi you are able to upload more than in power point like audio, appealing images, links, videos, pictures and more. Another website available is http://www.livebinder.com, by creating a live binder, you are able to link your school’s website in a binder and your students can access it when provided by the access code that you set up for your binder. Differentiation in communication can be just as easy as differentiation in the classroom, as a teacher we have to be able to be flexible to the needs of our target audience which is the students.


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