1. What role or purpose do discussion forums serve in the online classroom and are they effective? Discussions are important because students have a chance of expressing their ideas, thoughts and feedback on a given subject therefore making it effective because they can think critically about the topic and do research outside of the norms of the topic. 
  2. How do discussion forums function as a teaching tool? They function as a teaching tool because students can share their ideas and thoughts and the teacher can gain a better understanding on the student’s knowledge. 
  3. How could they be used effectively and ineffectively? Furthermore, what are some best practices for facilitating forums online? Online discussions can be effective if students are asked specifically about a topic in open ended questions but at the same time it can become ineffective if personal opinions or unnecessary comments become an issue in which case the teacher can lose control of the discussions. The best way to hold a productive online discussions is to set ground rules before the discussions and to keep the students busy with open ended questions setting aside personal opinions or out of place comments. 

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