Appearance is important in everything that we encounter in our everyday lives. We go by design and appeal when purchasing things, shopping places and where we want to take our business and where to stay away from. It is the same way for learning and online resources that are encountered. The sites need to be appealing and the information easy to find. 

These are 5 websites I found that are appealing and easy to use: 

  1. a website in which you can learn any language. It has sections in which you can practice writing it and listening to the language. It’s well organized and it has an app that you can place on your desktop for easy access. It also has practice for placement tests. It keeps up with your progress and if you make more than 4 mistakes then it makes you restart the lesson until you understand it. 
  2. is a website with a beautiful background that makes you want to learn. This website has different levels in which you can start but it always very basic. It maintains your progress. The conversation are heard with pictures of real people. Its a nice website that appeals to the learner and makes you want to keep going. It is easy to use. 
  3. is a simple website that conjugates verbs in Spanish. The background itself makes it attractive. 
  4. the BBC website has a section in which languages can be learned, it has vocabulary drills, news, an interactive video that helps you with the pronunciation. This is my favorite website. 
  5. is an immersion school of different languages. Each tab clicked would took you to a different area in which it was interactive and it has pictures to make it a little more real. Each section that I clicked made me want to go to another one and just keep exploring the website. 


Websites that could use more organization and appeal: 

  1. there is too much, not much organization and too many ads. 
  2. while it’s a good website to strictly get information and practice Spanish, there is too much information, it’s not good for visual learner at all, and it can become a bit confusing if you are not familiar with the language. 
  3. it’s an excellent website for information about different topics but when it comes to languages, it gives you the information that is needed for the moment, but not much visualization is used. 
  4. it’s a good website but it clearly does not have any direction. When exploring the website I clicked on several of their links and it took me to yet another page in which I had to click more links just to get information on one thing. 
  5. just too much. 

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