Time management.

Time management is very important whether you are a traditional or virtual classroom teacher. The following are things that I do to maintain management manageable in my classroom: 

1. Calendar- enter due dates of projects and things that need to be done and set alarms to remind days prior just in case I need to finish it, turn it and in rare cases get it started it. 

2. Sticky Notes- i use them quite often especially when it is something unexpected or beyond my control. I write what needs to be done and by when and stick on my computer or my desk. 

3. Quiet environment- close the door, block the window and put a sign up that says do not disturb. 

4. Just keep going- if I get distracted, I keep everything to a minimal, short answers and just keep moving it along. 

5. Journal and Blog- write everything that needs to be done, has been done and foresee doing in the future. I use it as a reference to go back just in case I missed an important point or fact. 

These management skills have worked for me for years, there is always room for improvement and small changes have been made throughout the years however these are the main ones and the ones that I use often on an everyday basis. 


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