Using Web 2.0 Tools to Differentiate Student Assessment

Because i am a traditional classroom teacher at the moment, I still do the regular paper and pencil assessment however I also use presentations as a mode of assessment to a specific topic assigned by me. The students are able to make presentations on powerpoint or prezi or some other method they choose to present their information and their understanding of it.

Some of the tools that I would use in my classroom for student assessment would be:

  1. Google Documents- it’s easy to use and everyone can have access to them even at schools.
  2. WordPress or webly- they can blog their knowledge and make their websites fun and customize them.
  3. Pow Toon- it is simple and students can animate the information and make it fun and funny.
  4. slideshare- also like powerpoint but can be shared and its accessible from any computer. Also it is something the students are familiar with.
  5. worldle- for vocabulary practice or use it for a vocabulary game.

Below is a simple powtoon I created:



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