Summative Assessment

As a traditional classroom teacher I give my students end of unit and lesson tests however before those tests I also give them performance summative tests. I have students do small projects in which they need to present it in class in Spanish and a grading rubric is used that I create using RubiStar. Some of the projects that I have assigned measure the understanding of the spanish language, grammar understanding, culture understanding and sentence structure. When the students are presenting their project, pronunciation is measured and the understanding of the words being presented.

When I assign the project, I give the students a detailed description of the project complete with steps so they can track their progress and the steps they need to follow to get to the end product. When we work in class, I give time limit in each section so they can keep better track of their time and where they should be by a specific time.

Projects I have assigned:

Todo Sobre mi- Spanish I- students have to use adjectives, the verb ser, the verb gustar to describe themselves, they need to illustrate each section and then they need to present themselves to class.  

Comicas- Spanish II and Spanish III- they create a comic strip about the favorite teachers. The students need to use all of the spanish they have learned to include all of the tenses of the verbs and the subjunctive. It needs to be illustrated and then presented to the class. This is done as a group. The presentation can be a traditional presentation or they can do a skit. 



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