I am a high school. I teach Spanish. My teaching philosophy is very simple:

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

                As a teacher, I aim to perpetuate knowledge and inspire learning. More specifically, as a Spanish Language Teacher I introduce students to a canon of language works and ask them to articulate their reactions, not only presenting a repertoire but also teaching independent critical listening and thinking.

                To this end, I seek a balance in my courses between lecturing to students and asking them to make discoveries. I encourage students to engage with the topic at hand, with me, and with each other in the belief that good teaching depends upon intellectual exchange.

                My approach to student assessment reflects my two goals. First, the student is expected to master a body of knowledge by demonstrating they have met the standards that I set forth on the first day of school on exams, quizzes and communication. Second, students are given the opportunity to reflect upon the material at greater leisure in written assignments and projects outside the classroom and in class that emphasize the skills of critical thinking and listening acquired during the semester. While my standards are high, I help the students to meet expectations by providing office hours, review sessions, and the chance to submit draft papers and revisions.

                I believe in a flexible manner of instruction, responsive to the unique atmosphere of a given class. In conducting either a large lecture or small seminar, I am aware of students’ different experiences and temperaments in hopes of developing their strengths while ameliorating their weaknesses. Every student, regardless of background, can improve his or her ability to listen to and understand the target language.

                I present each student with the opportunity to improve in the different modes of communication and connections by presenting them with the different sources available via internet and written sources such as newspapers, books, and journals available in the target language.

                Each student has the same opportunity in my classroom regardless of background, disability, age or race; if they are willing they will learn the target language.


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